Fast Food in Banani, Road 8

HAKASA Noodles Bar



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11:00 am-11:30 pm

House-2/A Banani, Road 8

Love Noodles? Then Hakasa is the place for you.

Hakasa is the first ever noodle bar in Bangladesh, bringing to you a variety of noodle options from all over Asia. If, for all this time your concept of noodles has been limited to the hum drum Chowmein’s and Chopsuey’s, then boy are you in for a surprise!!! The Hakasa Magic takes on influence from Noodle connoisseurs in Japan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong & Thailand to bring you a taste of the Noodle in its mouthwatering forms!!

We use the freshest organic vegetables, the choicest undercuts of meat, free range poultry and the best seafood to blend it with a plethora of sauces to bring you the most amazing noodle concoctions ever. All our spices and sauces are imported in order to replicate the most authentic flavors of each country and the essence of Noodle Asia!! We specialize in Stir Fry Noodles and Soup Noodles…we are NOT a regular Chinese restaurant serving up an excess of 100 dishes (which is very common in Bangladesh). We believe in keeping our veggies green and NOT butchering them on the Wok until they lose their color. Our objective is to keep the nutrients in our dishes alive…straight from the Wok onto your table. In addition to Noodles we have a limited specialized number of Appetizers and of course Noodles wouldn’t be complete without a choice of Dumplings. Be warned – If you want RICE you're at the wrong place!!

The Concept of a Noodle Bar revolves around the definition of “EXPRESS”. The Hakasa Noodle Bar moto is Q&Q…Quality & Quantity!!